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May 18, 2007

Park Infinia
Freehold Luxury Homes
Soft Launch Preview in Progress
(By Appointment Only)
Price from $1300 – $1650 psf
Park Infinia is located right at the city’s edge, where you’re surrounded by some of Singapore’s finest schools, shopping and entertainment. Food, that eternal temptation, is just a stone’s throw away. For everything else, hop in the car for a drive down the Central Expressway, or take a brisk walk to an MRT station. When the day is finally done, it’s time to leave the city with all its hustle and bustle…

Schools, clubs, 5-star hotels and restaurants are all minutes away. Here at Park Infinia,you’ll have the world at your doorstep…

It’s interesting how one word can mean so many things to so many people. But whatever it means to you, this is the space to create a home exactly as you see it. Begin with a choice of 486 luxury apartments featuring one, two, three or four bedrooms or indulge in a spacious penthouse. Muted hues and clean, simple lines form the canvas, illuminated naturally by floor to ceiling windows.

Step out and you’ll discover we’ve used space in some interesting ways. For instance, a gym that’s not really a gym because it’s underwater. Then there’s a lawn large enough for even the most hyperactive of kids; the more adventurous of whom might be drawn to the miniature “volcano” by the children’s pool. And of course, there’s every facility from recreation rooms to tennis courts.
Now for those who prefer activities of a more tranquil variety, a lush tropical spa and a pond inspired by Mother Nature herself may be just the thing. Meanwhile, the airy spaces of the Clubhouse, which open out to wide wooden decks, will undoubtedly make entertaining a pure joy.

For Privileged Bookings or Special Private Invitations, kindly register your interest at or call Alvin Yeo at (+65) 9100-0001

Additional information :
Floor Plans
1 Bedroom : Type A2

2 Bedroom : Type B1, Type B1a, Type B2, Type B2b, Type B3, Type B4, Type B5, Type B6

3 Bedroom : Type C1 and C1(i), Type C1b(i), Type C2, Type C2b, Type C3, Type C3b(i), Type C6,Type C6b(i)

4 Bedroom : Type D1, Type D1a