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How old are the Tiong Bahru Properties

January 1, 2007

The lease of most Tiong Bahru Pre-War Conserved flats start between 1st Jan 1965 to 1967.
(The Singapore Government started selling the units to the individual owners from 1965 onward)

As at 1st January 2005, the lease remaining for this area is less than 60 years.

Do take note of how this will impact your CPF withdrawal limits and your bank loans when making an offer for these properties.


The lease for the HDB side starts from 1st Jan 1973.

The rule will affect those who will be using bank loans to finance their purchase from 1st Jan 2013 onwards.

Those who are eligible for the HDB loans are not affected by this ruling.


Transacted Prices are NOT TRANSPARENT

June 3, 2006

There is no official website for you to find out the recent transacted prices for the PRE-WAR section of Tiong Bahru.

This has create much confusion, chaos and stress when buying and selling a property here.

This lack of information, while it punished the ignorant, has rewarded many hardworking and diligent investors.

I wonder when the authorities will make these information public.

For HDB’s transacted prices, you can go to to find out last 3 months transacted prices.


Real Estate Agent’s Commission

June 30, 2005

When buying a PRE-WAR flat in Tiong Bahru, do factor in the real estate agent’s commission.

The recommended guideline for a buyer agent’s commission is 1% of the purchase price. Depending on the size of the company the real estate agent represents, they may also require you to pay the prevailing GST.

Even if you are dealing directly with the listing agent and is not represented by any agents, the listing agent will still expect you to pay the 1% fee for service.

It is good to clarify this issue before you start negotiating with the seller’s agent.

If you are engaging a real estate agent to help you ferret out suitable pre-war units, it is only fair that the agent gets compensated with a 1% finder’s fee.