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Ignorance is bliss????

April 5, 2008

Tonight’s posting was inspired by Belle who made a comment under the posting “A piece of HISTORY”.

Belle’s comment made me reflect about the countless of “extinct” stuff I had the opportunity to see during the course of my work within the Tiong Bahru Estate.

For example, I saw this interesting stove about 2 years ago.

I kinda knew the stove might be of some value to some but I just do not know where I might be able to find such a person.

The owner of the stove was so pre-occupied with packing up his stuff for the moving out, he did not have time to think about who might want this piece of “junk”. So he did the easiest thing, pay someone to discard them.

Looking at Belle’s comments tonight, this stove came back to haunt me and reminded me of my indifference towards rare things from the past.

I did some online searching for a similar looking stove and found that one exists in some UK museum. You may want to check it out here:
Science Museum.

The article on the similar stove could be found here: New World Gas Cooker

I now know that these types of stoves were designed in the 1930s and were in use till 1973.

If only I did some online searching earlier.


A piece of HISTORY

April 3, 2008
Saw a renovation in progress and amongst the rubbles,

I was pleasantly thrilled to be able to find an almost intact piece of brick from the 1930s.

These bricks were hacked down by the owner of this new flat as she wanted a bigger room and the sealed up chimneys system does not serve any purpose at all.

This protrusion, (Next to the refrigerator) is part of the chimney system used back in the 30s.

The chimney system, hacked away due to obsolescence.
Notice the 2 darkened black stripes. These are the soot covered area within the chimneys.

The outlets are still there but I guess it leads to nowhere now.

This is a picture of a chimney system that still exists in some of the homes within the Tiong Bahru Estate Pre-War flats. It is getting harder and harder to find these things now.

Anyway, these Alexandra bricks were the same bricks that were used to build the Old National Library. That old library was torn down to create a tunnel so that motorist could save a few precious minutes a day. What appears to be SAVINGS is in fact a permanent LOSS for generations to come.

Facing brick from the National Library at Stamford Road

At least 5000 bricks were retained from the old building in 2004 and now form part of a wall in the basement garden of the Library at Victoria Street. The bricks were baked at the Alexandra Brickworks factory, with clay from Jurong.

More articles on the Old National Library could be found at Wikipedia

The Reason

March 19, 2008
Early this morning, the current Thai prime minister, Mr Samak Sundaravej, dropped in for a visit.

I wasn’t there when it happened.

Anyway, this signage made it crystal clear why there were so much “touch-up” painting activities going on for the last whole week.

And I thought it was some routine maintenance.

So if you want to experience how Tiong Bahru Market was like when it 1st opened about a year and a half ago, today would be a good day.

And when you visit the market, please take care of the place as we do not want to depend on such VIP visits to look fresh and clean.

Mr Samak Sundaravej’s trip to Singapore was not just about official business. The Thai leader had requested a taste of Singapore’s food culture, and got that when he toured the Tiong Bahru market. And he proved to be quite a food-lover too! Mr Samak said, “My favourite (dish) is fried rice, we call it ‘fried rice, governor style’. But now I am not the governor anymore, I call it ‘fried rice, ex-governor style!'”

excerpt from ChannelNewsAsia, 19th March 2008


Here we go again!!!!

March 13, 2008
Georg S said…
After having finished the surface a week ago I suddenly heard the noise of drilling again yesterday and was shocked to see the entire path converted to rubble this morning. I went down to ask the workers what was going on and they said “Bad cement, bad cement”. Well, at least they seem to fix their mistakes right away

Today : The tractor drilling into the newly surfaced pavements

Concrete Mixer transferring “GOOD CEMENT” for resurfacing the pavements

Hopefully this part (in between Blk 35 & 37 Lim Liak Street) is made from GOOD CEMENT

Perhaps BAD CEMENT was the reason why this part of the work was stalled for 2 days…I kept thinking the weather was responsible.


New "Enhancement"

March 6, 2008

This rustic laid back image has been erased forever.

For the whole of last week, I was wondering why there were so much hacking and drilling activities and I thought a new neighbour was renovating their place.

It was only when I was walking to the Tiong Bahru Market that I spotted some workers along this pavement. I thought they were repairing the drains or just doing some resurfacing of the walkways as there were some cracks along the pavement.

Perhaps someone complained about those cracks as it made roller blading a little bit more challenging.

Anyway, I walked off thinking that it was just some routine maintenance undertaken by the Tanjong Pagar Town Council who responded to some of the resident’s frivolous request.

Saw this yesterday while on the way to Eng Watt Street. So not only did the town council made this pavement a better place to roller blade, they made it a nicer place to roller blade as well!

I hope this “enhancement” will quell all talks about this place being en-bloc in the near future.

By the way, I do not know how to roller blade and I am hoping to learn it someday. Yes, someday.

Zebra Crossings

March 2, 2008

This is the lone pedestrian crossing in the whole of the Tiong Bahru Estate! And we don’t have any traffic lights here.

This zebra crossing is located along Chay Yan Street, where it used to serve the students of Tiong Bahru Primary School. I still remember the lollipop man who was dressed in a white coat helping us crossed the roads safely.

But since the school closed down in the 1990s, this crossing is quite redundant. It now serves cyclist who park their rusty bicycles at the bicycle stand there and some dog owners who bring their pets there to poo-poo.

But then again, traffic is so low, there isn’t a need to use them at all. In fact I felt very sheepish when a car stopped for me to cross while I was trying to snap a picture of this zebra crossing from various angles. I think that driver who stopped for me must be rather surprised that I used that crossing this morning….because it really leads to nowhere. Maybe I went for a leak amongst the trees, he must have thought. Hahah.

Today’s blog was inspired by today’s Sunday Time “Watch out! Everyone’s jaywalking”.


27" Metal Door Frame

February 19, 2008

If you walk around Tiong Bahru’s Pre-War section and notice a Harvey Norman, Courts, Best Denki or whatever home appliance delivery trucks around. Stay a little longer to watch this scenario being played out. Watch and learn from it.

DO NOT BE the next victim of the 27′ metal door frame!

New Home! New Stuff! New REFRIGERATOR. BUT WAIT!!!! Did this owner remember to measure the width of the metal door frame? Maybe yes, may not. Let’s watch.

Should we go in this way or that way?

I guess sideways could be a possibility! Looks a bit tight but I think it may just squeeze through.
To be safe, better use these cardboards to prevent the sides from being scratched. Otherwise we have to write this one off and bring a new one back. Like this sure kena deduct salary one ah.

Success! We managed to squeeze it through! Phew!

There is definitely a lot more elbow space now.

Job done! Refrigerator delivered and installed!

Every time we deliver a refrigerator to the Tiong Bahru Estate, we just gotta pray real hard that our customers had taken notice of that narrow doorway that has a metal door frame that makes the passage even narrower. Many remembered to measure…..their own door width but they tend to overlook that METAL DOOR FRAME!

Today luckily the owner took the trouble to measure it and we don’t need to use our brains on how we can squeeze the refrigerator through. Please help us, please buy a tall and slim refrigerator if you live in this area. Remember, the width of the metal door fame is only 27 inches! Remember, only 27 inches.